Dear Customers!

          Manufacturing of tiles has been our family tradition for more than 50 years.
Years pass by, but tiles are still manufactured by hand. The only thing that changes is the experience which is much greater, and our tiles – stronger and more beautiful. We offer a wide range of designs, colours of fireplace and stove tiles to allow for proper selection and use in any interior. Our products are purchased by fireplace showrooms but also by individuals.
To meet your expectations we are extending our offer by new attractive designs and colours.


              We encourage fireplace showrooms, contractors, architects and interior decorators to cooperate with our company.



Uniqueness of ceramic tiles.

              The beauty and aesthetics of tiles is emphasised by decorations using multiple colour glazes, reliefs and their decorative painting. The variety and freedom of choice when creating and arranging bodies of stoves and fireplaces gives enormous possibilities for designers and contractors. Any qualities of tile ceramics have their own background which creates them and defines as untamed and heterogeneous material in terms of chemical and physical composition. Thus we consider this as a “living” material which makes us humble and willing to take compromise everyday. At the same time those qualities create their individual character, so much sought by connoisseurs of crafted products who wish to have unique, natural handicraft objects nearby. As a manufacturer of stove and fireplace ceramics we understand that this individual nature of a product is of the greatest importance to the Buyer. By taking into account any wishes our Customers may have, we always notice them, and underline that scope of expectations should cover the existing differences, in accordance with natural properties of fired clay and glaze.
The tile craft is not just a computerised, repeatable production line the outcome of which are hundreds of uniformly-looking tiles which is far cry from our approach.

Best regards, Rafał Karny